LOOK: Fun Way to Kill Time at the Airport If Your Flight is Delayed

What should you do if your flight is delayed? Well, since there’s nothing you can do about it even if your rant and rave at the ground crew, why not have fun at the airport while waiting for boarding?

While that might sound silly and irresponsible, at least you had some fun – and you might even bring some entertainment to the other people waiting for delayed flights as well (not that it is your responsibility to keep them entertained, of course).

Some airports provide entertainment hubs and free wifi connection to keep passengers happy or, at least, not so bored while they wait. Many airports can’t afford to offer such luxuries.

If you happen to be stuck in such airports, you can find fun ways to enjoy your boring waiting time using common things that you find there.

Take for example this group of fun people who turned their angst over a delayed flight into a fun adventure at the airport – and I bet you’d be laughing along with us when you watch the hilarious and quite creative clip we also share below.

Posted by Facebook page, Tambay muna tayo, the video is quickly going viral. In this clip, a group of people transformed the moving walkway into a ‘river’ – and the result is quite hilarious.

Using creative movements, they were able to imagine canoe or gondola trips. Some were even brave enough to lie down on the horizontal escalator to swim!

This sure is a cool way to have fun at the airport; though it won’t probably work if you’re all alone and the people around you won’t participate but the next time you see a not-so-busy moving walkway, you just might want to give this a try. Don’t forget to send us the video!