Frustrated Bride Ruins Wedding Dress After Fiance Dumps Her

Kiley Manulak from Tampa, Florida was eagerly looking forward to finally tying the knot with her fiancé of two years. However, she didn’t anticipate that after all the preparations for the big day, her future husband would back out and dump her – via a text message.

Despite the sad and shocking situation she was in, Manulak decided to rise above the blues and do something fun.

So she and her bridesmaids attended the Color Fun Fest, a local event that celebrates electronic music and the tradition of throwing neon-colored powder to one another. They wore and messed up their dresses there for fun.

You can watch the video report here:

“It was actually very liberating. I didn’t want to have a pity party, I just wanted to have fun with it,” Manulak said during an interview.

As for her former fiancé, Manulak has a message for him:

“Thank you for sparing me anything, any heartaches down the road, and thank you for letting me go so I can find true happiness.”

How to Survive Getting Dumped

“It’s no exaggeration to say that heartbreak is probably the worst pain in the world,” said NetDoctor on a blog post. “No wonder so very many individuals feel that they will never get over it.”

Being sad is absolutely normal but, as with Kiley Manulak’s story, it is possible to get over it. The blog also said that you should “start viewing your single status as a fresh and fun opportunity instead of a punishment.”

Enjoying yourself with good food, music, and going out with your friends can be a wonderful way of coping than drowning yourself in booze or staying alone in your room. Do productive things so you can be busy and happy. Learn from the experience and move on. That way, you will become better instead of bitter.


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