Flight Gets Delayed after a Man Tries to Hitch a Ride on the Wing

Hitchhiking is the cheapest way to get to another destination, but that usually works for vehicles on land (sometimes at sea, too). But what happens when you try hitchhiking on a plane by riding on the wing?

Flight Azman Air 737 was about to take off from the airport in Lagos, Nigeria last Friday, July 19. The plane was bound for Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Photo credit: Jaafar Jaafar / YouTube

But as the plane taxied on the runway, passengers looking out the window were horrified to see a man crawling on the plane’s left wing after stowing his luggage inside no less than the plane’s engine! Whew.

The passengers quickly alerted the flight attendants who, in turn, informed the pilot about the stowaway. The pilot was able to stop the plane’s engines in time, with the man told to get off the Boeing 737’s wing.

Police were called to investigate the incident and book the man. They found his luggage tucked inside the plane’s left engine. Thankfully, the luggage did not do any damage to the plane and the flight was able to take off without problems some minutes later.

Photo credit: Jaafar Jaafar / YouTube

The man was actually lucky that the passengers saw him before the plane could take off, because he wouldn’t have lasted much longer on that plane’s wing. He would most likely fall off the wing upon take off. But if he could survive the takeoff, he would surely have problems with wind and temperature as the plane reaches higher altitudes.

Watch the video here:

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Lagos Airport faces a lot of problems, particularly with trespassing. There had been a number of times when people enter the airport and take things directly from the airplanes or from passengers at the terminal.

But this incident is the first time that a person tried to hitch a ride on the plane.