Fish with Tattoos, Caught in the Philippines

Netizens are joking that Maui (the tattooed demigod who can change into a fish in animated movie “Moana”) has been caught after a ‘tattooed’ fish was captured in the Philippines.

Photos of the strange fish have gone viral after these were shared by GMA News. In the post, the photos were credited to Hero Peewee Bacuño.

Little was revealed about exactly how and where the fish was caught as well as what this species might be but the post revealed that the fish was found in Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental.

Just to prove that this species of fish does not have markings, the tattooed one was put side by side with another one of its kind. In the photo, it was clear that this tattooed one was extra special.

Netizens joked that the tattooed fish was sadly caught because of its tattoos as the fishermen were actually policemen in disguise and were looking for fish to ‘tokhang’ (a term used in the Philippines for cops asking drug addicts to surrender by knocking at their homes).

In response to these ‘tokhang’ jokes, some netizens also added that the other fish without tattoos was just a victim of ‘extra judicial killings’ but was actually innocent. LOL.

On a serious note, though, several netizens offered rational explanations as to how the fish got its tattoos. Many said that the fish could have gotten stuck inside a plastic bag or some kind of material with prints. As the years went by, the prints from the bag/material got transferred to the fish’s body. That’s rather sad, right?

What can you say about this tattooed fish?


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