Financial Assistance Sought for Man with Rare Condition

MANILA, Philippines- Arvin Bautista, a blogger and call centre agent, is seeking financial assistance for a young man suffering from Stage 4 jaw cancer. The 20-year-old patient identified as Denz was diagnosed with ameloblastoma, a rare benign tumor that develops commonly in the jaw near the molars, in June 2015.

But almost a year after the diagnosis and an operation in July 2015, it was discovered that the tumor was malignant and has metastasized at the third rib bone by May 2016.

Stage 4 Cancer

Although Denz’ parents are employed, the family is still seeking financial support for the expensive cost of his check-up and medical procedures. In order to help Denz, Bautista set up a GoGetFunding page for him.

“On behalf of Denz’ and his family, I am seeking help and support. I ask every individual who has a big heart to please help us provide financial assistance to Denz,” Bautista wrote on the funding page.

To support the fundraising campaign for Denz, visit his GoGetFunding page.

What are the Symptoms of Ameloblastoma?

According to, ameloblastomas are tumors that originate in the tissue of the jaw usually near the third molar. These tumors rarely spread to other parts of the body and rarely develop into a malignant growth. However, ameloblastoma can result in lesions leading to extreme abnormalities in the jaw and face.

This condition is often accompanied by the presence of unerupted teeth, particularly the wisdom teeth. Symptoms of the growth include loose teeth, mouth ulcer, swelling of the jaw, and gum disease. If the lesions are severe enough, a patient can have facial deformities.

“Egg shell cracking”, which happens when the thick layer of the bone in the affected area becomes stretched and crack as a result of the growth of ameloblastoma, is also a common symptom of the condition.