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Father Relayed a Clear Yet Funny Message to His Daughter’s Boyfriend

A father from Malaysia relayed a clear message to his daughter’s boyfriend. [Image Credit: Firdaus Francis / Facebook]

When it comes to their children, especially their daughters, fathers are always overprotective. Oftentimes, they would do the extreme when it comes to protecting their precious daughters.

For boyfriends, it can be pretty nerve-wracking to meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Everyone knows how protective some fathers can be when it comes to their precious daughters. However, this guy probably has the worst, because his girlfriend’s father is such a huge badass!

Funny Set of Photos

Last March 21, a netizen named Firdaus Francis uploaded several photos of him on social media to give a friendly reminder to her daughter’s boyfriend. If the man knows what the father does for a living, he will surely not want to mess with him. The father is working as a District Police Chief for Tenom, DSP Mohd Firdaus Francis Abdullah. He is a cop and a high-ranking officer to boot!

After uploading the said photos, he included a caption that is pretty straight-forward.

Mana satu gambar yang sesuai untuk boyfriend anak saya? (Which picture is the most suitable for my daughter’s boyfriend?)

Firdaud’s message to his daughter’s boyfriend is clear. [Image Credit: Firdaus Francis / Facebook]
Firdaud’s message to his daughter’s boyfriend is clear. [Image Credit: Firdaus Francis / Facebook]

The Message is Clear for His Daughter’s Boyfriend

By just looking at Firdaus’ facial expressions and his weapon of choice, they are enough to let his daughter’s boyfriend know that if he happens to break her heart, things will surely get ugly! Although there were no captions on the pictures, we think that the message he wants to send is pretty clear.

However, the thoughtful father also uploaded a heartwarming family photo, proving that if the young man behaves himself and loves her daughter truthfully, he can actually be a nice person too.

He is a high-ranking officer in Malaysia. [Image Credit: Firdaus Francis / Facebook]
He is a high-ranking officer in Malaysia. [Image Credit: Firdaus Francis / Facebook]]

Viral on Facebook

The series of photos immediately went viral on Facebook. After they were posted, it already garnered more than 3,700 shares, 5,300 reactions, and 1,200 comments. Netizens cannot help but admire his love for his daughter and his sense of humor. Some even described him as pak cik or cute!

This pak cik is so funny. I bet no one dares to mess with your daughter, otherwise, he’d be ‘minced’!”

Please remind me to post photos like these for our daughter.

This is the most win….

See the humorous series of photos here:

Mana satu gambar yg sesuai untuk bf anak saya?

Posted by Firdaus Francis on Wednesday, 21 March 2018

What’s the funniest thing that your father did for you? Do you also want a father as cute and as thoughtful as Firdaus? We would love to hear your own story! Share them on the comments section below.


Friends ‘Ride’ Invisible Car to Order Food at Jollibee Drive Thru




A number of fast food outlets have a drive thru for the convenience of those who just want to order a quick takeout meal. The premise of ordering via the drive thru is that you have a vehicle.

What happens if you don’t have a vehicle but the lines at the counter inside the store are too long and the drive thru window has fewer customers?

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

Well, a group of friends had this rather genius idea of ‘riding’ an invisible car so they can order food at the Jollibee drive thru because the queues inside the store were long.

Laughing at their own crazy antics, the group positioned themselves in a manner that people would normally take if they were riding a car. They were standing, of course, but the designated ‘driver’ made sure to drive them carefully towards the important stops at the drive through – and he didn’t forget to ‘release the hand brake’ before moving forward to the counter.

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

It was really so hilarious to see these guys ‘riding’ their invisible car that the crew at the counter couldn’t help but laugh. They’re so crazy, right? LOL. But the crew played along, accepting the guys’ orders, still laughing at their silliness.

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

After their order was taken, the group continued towards the claim area without breaking their position. The crew at this counter also laughed at the guys, even gamely giving the ‘driver’ a fist bump.

They continued towards the exit in the same position, Giving each other high fives, knowing they got their way and were able to order much faster than the customers inside the store. Clever trick, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

But the guys did not just trick the Jollibee crew, they had also become famous on Facebook. Less than 24 hours after the video was posted, the video has garnered close to 1 million views!

Check it out here:

Teknik pag mahaba ang pila sa Jollibee kelangan mo ng INVISIBLE CAR

Posted by Dave Calma on Monday, 23 April 2018

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Lovers Since Elementary, Couple Graduated Together from Three Different Schools




A lot of people frown on very young lovers, especially when they are still in their early high school and especially in grade school years! After all, the incidence of teenage pregnancy has risen up significant over the past decades.

But one couple from Davao has proven that love isn’t always destructive to very young people because it can also be used as inspiration to strive harder to reach their dreams together!

Photo credit: Twitter / @janicaeleria_

Meet Vande Alagao and Janica Eleria from Davao City in southern Philippines. They were lovers since their elementary days. What’s amazing about their relationship is that not only were they able to manage staying together all these years but that they had graduated together from three different schools.

A bit confusing, eh? Well, here’s what really happened.

On When in Manila, Janica revealed that they met back in Grade 2 when she transferred to Vande’s school. She gushed at how Vande could still vividly remember to this day what she was wearing that day and what cellphone she was using!

They started exchanging text messages in Grade 5 and became a couple a year later.

Photo credit: Twitter / @janicaeleria_

In high school, however, Vande went to a different school. They only saw each other about once or twice a year at the time, until Janica’s mom decided to move her to Vande’s school in their third year of high school.

They graduated together from that school, a different one from their elementary school but they were together.

They recently graduated from senior high school. Thankfully, their respective families were supportive of their relationship, especially because they continue to focus more on their studies.

Photo credit: Twitter / @janicaeleria_

In college, the two are planning to take up different courses but just like their previous years, they will be studying in the same school. They will be celebrating their 7th year this October. Hopefully, 4 years from now, they will still be a couple and graduating from their fourth school together!

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Dad Earns Praise for Being Proud of Son, Despite Barely Passing Grades




Every parent wants the best for their children – and that often means encouraging (even forcing!) the kids to do better, especially in school. More often than not, parents get angry if their children have failing grades or if the grades are not within expectations.

Sadly, this puts too much pressure on the children to excel even if they couldn’t really do it, no matter how hard they study. In reality, whether we like to admit it or not, not everyone was born academically intelligent.

But one dad recently went viral after posting his son’s barely passing grades. He’s definitely the complete opposite of those proud parents who post their children’s nearly perfect grades but he’s still as proud as them!

Photo credit: E.i. Baldo / Facebook

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, netizen E.i. Baldo shared a photo of his son’s grades as well as a photo of them posing outside a house with a swimming pool.

This cool dad congratulated his son for passing Grade 1. He said that the boy made his happy, especially when the kid joked that his dad should open the card slowly because the grades could cut his finger, an allusion to the joke that line-of-7 grades are ‘palakols’ (axes). LOL.

Instead of getting angry, however, this dad felt proud that the boy passed the level and would be in Grade 2 next year. He recalled that back when he was a student, he also had similar grades; thus, the boy’s report card is really just like a ‘throwback’ to his own.

According to Baldo, knowing his own capabilities as a student, he didn’t really dream of going to the stage to put medals and ribbons to his kids.

Photo credit: E.i. Baldo / Facebook

He just encouraged his son to try harder next year, maybe getting the grades up to 79% but it was clear that there was no pressure from him because the passing grade is 75%; so, he argued that any excess is really just an ‘allowance’.

For his pride in his son and for not pressuring the kid in achieving something the boy couldn’t do, this dad earned netizens’ praise. Many are wishing that all parents would be like him, understanding and supportive of their kids no matter what happens!

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