Fast Food Service Crew Discriminated for ‘Smelling Like a Burger’

When you are working in the fast food industry, you are bound to smell like food at the end of the shift. There’s no denying that there are food that have stronger scents than others, leaving their mark on your clothes even minutes after your work has ended.

While many service crew solve that problem by changing their clothes at the end of the shift, there are just some scents that are too strong that they also stick to your skin! Ooooops.

Clint Rematado Gardose shared the story of how he experienced discrimination while riding a jeep at the end of his shift. He overheard some students, especially one girl, making fun of him because he smelled like burgers, something that he could not deny because he did prepare a lot of burgers that day and was not able to clean himself properly because he had to work overtime at work that day.

According to Gardose, he tried his best to stay calm even if he knew the students were laughing at him and talking about him in inverted language.

He would later post on Facebook about the incident, writing that he does not feel ashamed that he smelled of burgers that day or any other day for that matter because it was through flipping burgers and being a service crew that he would soon be graduating, presumably from college.

Gardose hopes that the girl and her classmates would eventually see his post and realize that they were quite unfair when they laughed at him for smelling like burgers. He also advised other people not to laugh at those who smell of burgers because burgers are delicious after all!

What’s a Service Crew?

Service crew is the term used for people working in the business industry that caters primarily to directly dealing with customers. This applies to workers in the hotel, restaurant, cruise ships, and other similar establishments.