This Fashionable Device Can Help Prevent Sexual Assaults and Kidnapping

It is alarming that sexual assault (on both women and men) is among the top crimes happening across the world yet many of the incidents could have been prevented if only these victims had a way to scare the perpetrator away or for someone to come and help.

Taser guns and pepper sprays can be used to deter such crimes but these can also be dangerous for the victim and are, generally, confiscated in airports and other public transport systems.

But there’s new hope in a device called “Athena” from ROAR for Good which will be available internationally in early May 2016.

athena design

Photo credit: ROAR for Good

What Can Athena Do?

It is exciting what this small, fashionable device can do. The small, lightweight device is just as small as a coin, looks like a piece of jewelry, and comes with a magnetic clasp the user can use to clip the device to clothes or accessories.

Photo credit: ROAR for Good

Photo credit: ROAR for Good

The device is so small that it can be discreetly placed anywhere and could be activated using just one hand. The recessed button prevents accidental triggering while small, embossed dots can help guide the finger for activation even if you do not look at the device.


Photo credit: ROAR for Good

Athena can be used in two ways: as a very loud alarm or as a silent device you can use to ask for help.

How Does Athena Work?

Athena works best with paired with a smartphone that has a Bluetooth connection. Users must download the ROAR mobile app, set up their emergency contacts, and pair it with the device.

Photo credit: ROAR for Good

Photo credit: ROAR for Good

Alarm Mode

Holding the button down for 3 seconds makes the device emit a very loud pulsating sound (85 decibels) similar to that of a freight train or fire alarm. Such could possibly scare would-be perpetrators away. Within 10 seconds, your phone will send a distress message (also containing your location) to your predetermined emergency contacts unless you stop the transmission.

Silent Mode

The makers of Athena know that there are certain situations when a loud alarm could only make matters worse; thus, they also created a silent mode for the device. When the button is tapped 3 times, a distress message similar to the one in the Alarm Mode is sent to your emergency contacts.

mobile app

How to Buy Athena?

Currently, the device is not yet available for sale but through Indiegogo, you can pre-order Athena while helping the makers have ample funds for software development and other relevant matters. This fashionable safety device will retail at $99 and will be available internationally in May 2016 but those who support them through Indiegogo can get the device for discounted prices.

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