Farmer’s Son Becomes the Great Inventor Who Created Computer Chips

As a son of a poor farmer, who would have thought that Dado Banatao would become an engineer and the great inventor of the PC chipsets found in all computers being used in the modern world?

He is one of those people who did not let the dreams be hindered by something as trivial as having no money. After all, his father vowed to bring food to the table and send him to school – and tasked him with a job he would strive hard to fulfill: go to school.

While his classmates were having fun playing basketball, for instance, Banatao was burning the midnight oil studying doubly hard so he, a boy from the rural area, would not be too far behind the bright ones from the towns and cities.

To make the long story short, he was able to fulfill his dreams!

Watch his inspiring story in this video:

Poverty – A Hindrance to the Fulfillment of Dreams?

A lot of people who failed in life have one common excuse: poverty. Due to lack of money they were not able to finish school and get a good career. Due to lack of money they were not able to start a business. Due to lack of money they were not able to find the best job where they can earn money. Due to lack of money they were not able to reach their dreams.

That is a reality, of course. There really are countless people whose dreams have ended because of poverty. However, there are also many who did not let poverty keep them from reaching their dreams.

Some of them found a way to study and get a degree even when their family did not have the means to send them to school (Son of a Jeepney Driver and Son of a Farmer Finish College as Magna Cum Laude!). Others found a way to build a business using the smallest capital you could ever imagine (Amazing Success Story: How a Couple Used P20 Capital to Become Millionaires).

So, is poverty really a hindrance to the fulfillment of dreams?