Family’s Heartless Prank Ruins a Little Boy’s Birthday Celebration

These days, a lot of people are willing to do everything for some laughs, to go viral on social media. Sadly, not all pranks are funny – and that’s especially true to ones that involve children such as the boy whose birthday celebration was ruined by his family’s heartless prank!

Cik Anas (@anas_cik) angrily shares on Twitter a video of a kid who is celebrating his birthday, with a beautiful yellow cake. With a knife in hand, the boy smiled happily, barely containing his excitement as he slices the cake. He was pretty sure that this was going to be an awesome birthday party and that he is finally going to enjoy this cake to celebrate the joyous occasion.

But just when he was able to slice through the cake, his family members thought it would be the best time to smash some raw eggs on his head! They were not even gentle about it! Considering that this is a young boy, it was rather cruel for his family to do it, but their shrieks of laughter in the video showed that they were actually having so much fun on his expense.

Photo credit: Cik Anas (@anas_cik) / Twitter

The kid shook his head with disappointment, but it was clear that he was determined to enjoy his cake, no matter what his family did. So, he took the knife and tried to cut the cake, but his family smashed his head on the cake! Then, they took pieces of the ruined pastry and threw it on him, wiping the icing on his head and face.

It was so pitiful to see the kid shaking his head hard in anger and disappointment. He was probably even crying but it was hard to see from all the icing, cake, and egg on his face. Poor kid.

Watch the sad video here:

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