Family’s First Degree Holder Graduates Summa Cum Laude, Becomes Board Topnotcher

A family’s first degree holder graduates summa cum laude and later becomes a board topnotcher! He really did well as the family’s pride, right?

Family’s First Degree Holder Earns Admiration

In many families in the Philippines, it’s rare for the kids to ever reach college because of financial constraints

Although some might reach a few levels in college, it is likely difficult for them to sustain their education until graduation, even if many of them try to find a job and juggle their studies.


first degree holder

Photo credit: Jonathan Agullana / PEP

So, we always admire those who do succeed – especially the young minds who are the family’s first degree holders.

Just like Jonathan Agullana from Davao del Norte, the seventh of eight siblings to a farmer dad and housewife mom.

When the family moved to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, their father’s hometown, back in 2015, Jonathan wasn’t able to enroll at the state college because he wasn’t able to take the entrance exam.

At the time, he thought that he couldn’t go to college like his older siblings, but his parents decided he should enroll at the cheapest private college they could find in the area using borrowed money.

They enrolled him at Data Center College of the Philippines of Laoag City Inc.

Kaya lang ginawan ito ng paraan ng aking mga magulang. Umutang sila para lang may pang-enroll ako sa isang private college offering the cheapest tuition fee,” he explained.

Napakasuwerte ko to have very supportive parents.

His parents drew flak for enrolling him in a private school when they were “just farmers,” but Jonathan tried his best to do well in school so he could get a scholarship.

In his drive to get a scholarship, not only did he qualify for a CHED (Commission on Higher Education) scholarship, he also got such high grades that he graduated as summa cum laude from his course, Bachelor of Elementary Education!

He was recognized as batch 2020’s valedictorian.

Photo credit: Jonathan Agullana / PEP

His parents took a loan again when for his review for the board exams, but like others in his time, the exam was postponed several times due to the pandemic.

But all his sacrifices and troubles were worth it when he ranked in the top 10 when he took the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) in November 2021.

Congratulations po, Sir!

How Much is the CHED Scholarship?

Photo credit: Topnotcher PH

The amount that CHED scholars receive can vary, but it can reach up to Php 120,000 a year, including book allowances and stipend.