Family Angers Netizens for Shouting at Pizza Hut Crew in Araneta Coliseum over Safety Policy

A family has earned netizens’ ire after a shouting match with the crew at Pizza Hut in Araneta Coliseum over the facility’s safety policy.

Netizen Olin Ovlac shared a video and some pictures taken during the incident.

According to him, they were at the Smart Araneta Coliseum to watch the “Magic on Ice” performance when their group decided to drop by Pizza Hut to grab some food.

While waiting for their turn, they noticed a middle-aged couple trying to order popcorn at the counter, according to Pinas Fact blog. The Pizza Hut service crew patiently told the couple that the store does not sell popcorn. She directed the couple to the line at the next store.

But when the service crew was already talking to the person next in line to the middle-aged couple, the two allegedly got angry. It turned out they now wanted to order something from Pizza Hut.

Now, Smart Araneta Coliseum has a policy against bringing bottles with caps inside the facility. Thus, all stores inside the facility are directed to remove the bottle caps from all the bottled drinks they are selling.

This policy has been in force for years, following incidents wherein concert-goers and sports fans would sometimes throw bottled drinks to the performers. Bottled drinks with caps pose more danger to the performers compared with uncapped bottles; thus, the center has long banned their use inside the facility.

But this angered the middle-aged couple who began shouting at the service crew, berating her for insisting on taking the caps off the bottles. What’s worse, the couple did not just stop at shouting, they also threw food and water at the poor service who was now on the verge of tears.

Then, the couple’s daughter arrived. She also shouted at the service crew!

The family has angered netizens but their photos also sparked memes on social media. Many exclaimed that the adage “The customer is always right” is definitely not true because in this case, the customers are clearly very wrong!