How to Expand the Space of a Small Bedroom

Not all homeowners are blessed with ample space for large bedrooms – some have to settle with small ones. If you belong to the latter group, don’t feel unfortunate because you can still find ways to expand your space.

Add Built-in Storage

First, invest in a bed that comes with built-in storage. If you can’t find such a bed at the furniture shops, have one custom-built to suit your needs. By adding storage under the bed, there would be ample space to stash linens, seasonal clothes and shoes, bulky items, or other items that you want to store for some time.

It would also be a great idea to stash these items in labeled boxes so you won’t have to go through every box just to find what you need.

Use a Built-in Headboard

Since you already have built-in storage under the bed, why not add more at the headboard? That would be perfect for displaying keepsakes, storing books, or holding other stuff such as mobile devices. For added convenience, you can even add electrical outlets at the headboard so you can charge your devices as well.

Use Chairs as Side Table

If your room is too small to accommodate a side table, you can use chairs instead. That way, you could store the chair but still find use for it. Also, if you need to use the chair, you simply have to move the stuff to another spot.

Add Mirrors to Closet Doors

Adding mirrors in the closet doors works in two ways: you get to have a large mirror where you can check out your outfits and also make the space appear larger than it is. In fact, if the entire closet doors are made of mirrors, you can make the room appear twice as large.

Elevate the Bed

Is the ceiling high enough to accommodate a raised bed? If yes, then this is the perfect solution to your space problem. With the bed raised, you can use the space underneath as a study area, dressing area, closet, bathroom, or anything you want, really.

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