Escalator Accident Kills 4-Year-Old Boy in China

Following a series of deaths and injuries caused by escalator and elevator accidents in China, a four-year-old boy died after being caught in an escalator handrail in a subway station located in Chongqing municipality on Thursday morning.

The metro operator revealed that a lady, believed to be the boy’s mom, left him unsupervised. The boy was apparently playing with the escalator’s handrail when his chest was wedged between the bottom of the handrail and the ground.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

It took the staff 20 seconds to shut down the escalator. They were able to remove the body of the boy from the escalator, but he later died in the hospital.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

Photos of the tragic incident emerged on Chinese social media website sparking outrage among netizens.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist

The fatal incident is the latest in a string of accidents involving lifts and escalators in the country.

User Sweartotheworld wrote on Weibo:“There are many similar cases in our country – it has happened more than once or twice. High attention should be paid. Regular checks and timely repairs should be made for safety protection. The frequency of such cases has got too high. [I feel] heartbroken.”

Meanwhile the Chongqing Rail Transport Authority said on its Weibo account: “We are deeply regretful and heartbroken over this case! We also would like to remind all passengers to look after their young children and old folks when travelling, be more alert, and avoid similar accidents!”

Chinese Mother Saves Son Before Dying in Escalator Accident

A 31-year-old mother named Xiang Liujuan fell to her death after an escalator’s metel panel collapsed under her feet.

Before the escalator panel gave way, Xiang was able to push her son forward and bring him to safety.

A 30-second footage of the horrifying scene became viral online.

The victim’s family expressed their frustration over the mall’s handling of the situation.

“An ordinary Sunday shopping trip ended up in such a sudden tragedy, almost ruining an entire family,” Xiang’s sister-in-law wrote on Weibo.