Entire Family Works in Medicine, Earns Admiration from Netizens

Working in the field of medicine requires dedication to one’s profession, what with the long hours and having so many sick people to care for. But a Nigerian family in the US recently went viral because all of them work in medicine! Wow.

Entire Family Works in Medicine

Everyone knows that being a doctor can be so difficult, especially because they often work long hours at the healthcare facility. But such also applies to other professions in the medical field.

While most people work for 8 hours a day, people in the medical field work much longer hours. Many of them do 24-hour shifts while others even extend to 36 or 48 hours! Moreover, studying to become a medical practitioner not takes a lot of years but can also be very expensive.

Thus, having a doctor or any other medical practitioner in the family can be really tough and challenging. That’s why netizens were truly impressed by a Nigerian family living in Houston, Texas, who are all working in medicine.

Chinyere Okpaleke a medical doctor posted a photo with her family on National Sibling Day, jokingly comparing them to the Kardashians.

If I had to choose between The Okpaleke’s Vs The Kardashian’s…I would choose US every single time!” the doctor wrote.

But she didn’t expect that the post would go viral, receiving close to 200k reactions and nearly 7k comments from netizens.

The siblings all work in the medical field. Although there are six of them in the picture, a seventh sibling is also revealed to be an MD, Lillian Okpaleke. From left to right, the siblings were identified as Okway Okpaleke (MD), Chinelo Okpaleke (PA, physician assistant), Nkiru Osefo (MD), Ifeoma Okpaleke (NP, nurse practitioner), Queenate Okpaleke (NP), and Chinyere Okpaleke (MD).

Their parents are also both in the field of medicine: Andrew Okpaleke is a retired MD while Celina Okpaleke is a PA.

Nigerians in the US

The American Community Survey of 2016 estimates that there are 380,785 US residents with Nigerian ancestry. A number of them made it big in the US, becoming famous as politicians (such as Washington representative Oye Owolewa), basketball players (such as NBA hall-of-famer Hakeem Olajuwon), and actors/actresses (such as Emmy nominee Yvonne Orji).