Enrollment Fee Solved by 5 and 10-Peso Coins

School vacation is almost done and another school year is about to start.

Enrollment days are here!

For us parents, this is one thing that we need to allocate our funds for.

But what if the pay days are far for enrollment schedules and there’s no one you can run to, to borrow the money that you need?

If others are still wondering as to how they will have enough money for enrollment, not for this girl who had prepared for the “rainy days” saving her 5  and 10 peso coins.

She is Janneth Enriquez. Her post became viral via the social media for sharing pictures on  her facebook account showing  all the coin banks which she used to save up  her coins. She was able to raise the money  amounting to Forty-Three Thousand pesos (P43,000.00) which she would use to pay the enrollment fee.

Photo: Janneth Enriquez/Facebook

“Pang enroll, solved!! Thank you Lord! Wag maliitin ang 5 at 10 pesos. Total of 43k! Tiyaga tiyaga lang para sa mga may pinapaaral pa jan.”

Interpreted as : Because of saving her 5 and 10-peso coins, she was able to raise the money that she needs for enrollment.  One has to value the importance of saving up even for those 5 and 10-peso coins. Perseverance is the key. 🙂

For Janneth who has been resourceful enough to save for the enrollment fees, may she serves as an inspiration to many especially to parents and guardians  whose plight comes always on the start of each school year.

Save up for the rainy days! Happy saving!