Employee Takes a Bath in Restaurant’s Oversized Sink, Sparks Anger on Social Media

With restaurants processing so many orders and washing a lot of plates throughout the day, many install several oversized sinks to ensure that utensils are clean and ready for the next customers. But one fast food worker who thought the oversized sink would make a great bathtub earned ire on social media after he actually bathed in one!

So yeah I’m just gonna tell everyone right now…Do not go to the Greenville Wendy’s. This is disgusting,” Connor Somerfield wrote, posting the video on Facebook.

In the video, a young man could be seen soaking inside the oversized sink of a restaurant, but this would soon be identified as a Wendy’s restaurant when another employee in Wendy’s uniform arrives and throws a towel at the one in the sink.

Wash yourself!” the other employee joked after throwing the towel.

It feels like a hot tub! I’m just enjoying life,” the young employee exclaimed as he washed himself in the soapy water, amid laughter from the others in the kitchen.

Photo credit: Connor Somerfield / Facebook

While this might have been just a joke for the employees, their actions did not sit well with many netizens who thought that it was disgusting of the young man to take a bath in the sink used for cleaning plates, spoons, forks, glasses, and other kitchen utensils!

I work at a restaurant, Where was the manager? Disgusting, needs to be fired, manager too!!” one netizen angrily wrote.

Wow, I’m sure your parents are so proud of you. Very unprofessional and disrespectful to your customers,” another chimed in.

Another wasn’t convinced this is at a Wendy’s restaurant.

Oh it’s real alright, and that is certainly all commercial equipment he’s using and the equipment nearby. However it may not be a real Wendy’s most likely a rival restaurant trying to set Wendy’s up for a fail,” the netizen wrote.

But the young man’s actions had strong repercussions on the store.

Wendy’s should take these children to court for lost revenue, someone needs to be held accountable so these children stop doing this, I went by there tonight and not 1 car in the parking lot or drive thru, how can you tell people not to go there? They have cleaned and sanitized that restaurant the morning after it happened,” a local shared.

Watch the video here:


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