Emotional Moment Couple Meet at Hospital Garden While Undergoing Separate Treatments

On their wedding day, couples promise to love each other no matter what happens in their lives, and they should stick with each other “in sickness and in health”. But a couple who are both sick had to be in separate facilities. Their reunion at the hospital garden brought a lot of people to tears…

Both fighting the “big C”, the couple are admitted to different rooms because doctors think it would be too much of a health risk for the couple to spend time in each other’s treatment rooms.

With both undergoing different kinds of treatment for their condition, the wife visiting her husband would put her at more risk, and vice versa.

Reddit user Pansapio shared the story of the parents’ tearful reunion at the hospital garden after the doctor finally gave the go signal for them to meet, but in a “neutral” ground. So, the hospital garden was picked as the best location for the brief date.

Photo credit: Reddit / Pansapio

According to Pansapio, the dad is undergoing treatment after experiencing complications on his esophagus from the “big C” condition while the mother is undergoing treatment on her gallbladder, also with “big C”.

After not seeing each other for many weeks, the two were finally allowed to meet at the hospital garden. It was not the most beautiful place to meet, but that did not matter for the couple who both cried as they hugged each other as tightly as they could in that beautiful moment that also brought tears to many people’s eyes.

Many netizens commented that they were touched by the bittersweet story and are all hoping that these two would get their happy ending soon – and that means an extension to their love story as they both come home.

Others said it was truly a powerful moment even as they wished that the two would get better soon.

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