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How Eating Pizza Helps You Lose Weight

Packed with carbs, fats and calories, there is no doubt that eating pizza can make you gain extra pounds. But a surprising new study has shown that eating pizza, at the right way and time, can make you shed off weight.

The idea may seem too good to be true but eating one of mankind’s favorite food once a week makes a person more motivated and committed in losing weight.


The study carried out by researchers from Portugal examined participants on a diet that was limited to only 10,500 calories per week. Half of the dieters were allowed to have a “cheat day” in which they can eat anything they want including pizza, ice cream, potato chips, among many others.

Two weeks later, both groups lost weight and decreased their average body mass indexes. Although there was no significant difference in how much weight both groups lost, it should be noted that the group allowed to have a cheat day felt happier and more motivated to stick to their weight-loss plan.

Researchers believe that “occasional indulgence” makes dieting more sustainable.

“Self-restraint wears you out, and if you’re drained and grumpy, you’re more likely to give up. But if you can look forward to a “free day” where you enjoy items that wouldn’t normally fall within your healthful eating plan, you’ll be more likely to stick to your diet the rest of the week.”

It should be noted that during cheat day, the participants kept their portions of preferred food within reason so they can maintain their weekly total calorie totals.

Study author Dr. Rita Coelho do Vale suggests that you plan beforehand and designate a specific day for your cheat day.

10 Fun Ways to Lose Weight

Tired of your diet plan and rigorous exercise regimen? Here are some fun ways to get rid of your flabs.

  1. Do hula hoops.
  2. Try the twerking workout.
  3. Play fitness video games.
  4. Explore a new place by going on long walks.
  5. Do volunteer works.
  6. Walk your dog longer.
  7. Go dancing.
  8. Play with kids.
  9. Sleep more.
  10. Start an online diet diary.

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