Easy Ways to Get Rids of Ants in Your Home… For Good!

Ants are among the most industrious creatures on the planet – and so we could not fault them for always trying their best to get food off our tables, cupboards, and trash bins. After all, that is part of their lives and roles as ants.

Still, this does not change the fact that they are also quite pesky and could spell trouble once they raid the cupboard or various spots in our homes.

Thankfully, there are many different ways to get rid of these pesky creatures. Of course, there’s the fastest and most effective route of using insect sprays but since there are people who are not so fond of using chemicals to do the job, you can try alternative routes that are also quite effective though a bit time consuming on your part.


First, a physical barrier is the primary defense against ants. This you can achieve by placing bowls or plates filled with water underneath each leg of the table – but such could only work for certain table leg types and you have to constantly replace the water to avoid stagnation as that could also attract breeding mosquitoes!

The physical barrier definitely has its limitations.

The next great option is to kill the ants – but not just the ants that have found their way into your home but also the others who could easily track down your food using pheromones secreted by the first ants that created the trail from their anthill to your food.

So, you have to kill even the ones inside the anthill (as harsh as that might sound).

There are several ways to achieve that. One is to create bait using borax and sugar with a bit of water (a dry combination of confectioner’s sugar and baking soda is also effective) for the ants to bring back to their anthill. While sugar is good as food, baking soda or borax will kill them.

Another option is to flood the anthill – hot water is a better option than cold water!

Check out these easy ways to get rid of ants for good: