Dying Woman is Saved by Stray Dog That Miraculously Appeared at Crash Site

After an argument with her husband, Shannon Lorio drove aimlessly down the winding roads at her hometown when the vehicle slipped off the road and crashed behind the thick bushes and effectively concealing her from the road.

She slipped out of consciousness and did not know how long she was out but noticed that she was bleeding and, quite possibly, dying from the ordeal.

With her car positioned away from the street, hidden from view, and set somewhere in a quiet rural town, it was virtually impossible for her to find some help if people won’t comb the land inch by inch.

With no homes in the immediate vicinity, Shannon would have died from her injuries yet out of the blue a stray dog appeared. It began pulling her off the vehicle, to safety. She could not recall how many times she passed out again yet the dog never left her side. Even when she felt like giving up, the dog pulled hard until she was safe by the roadside where someone eventually found her and took her to the hospital.

There, she received life-saving treatment. If not for that dog, Shannon could have easily died just a few feet away from that quiet road.

The dog is now part of a team of rescue dogs. This canine rescue unit is surely one of the best places where it can achieve its full potential instead of wandering the streets and alleys again while he was still a stray.

Watch their story here:

Hero Dogs

Throughout history, there have been lots of stories about hero dogs who saved the lives of their owners and other people.

A number of these dogs have sacrificed their own lives for the sake of humans. A lot have been deployed in the battlefields across the globe, not just to help in war but also to provide comfort to many soldiers. These animals are trained prior to being commissioned into service as rescue dogs or for other purposes.

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