Dying Grandma Orders 10,000 Bowls of Porridge for Mentally Challenged Grandson

An old woman is the only one taking care of her mentally challenged grandson. Their lives had been going fine until one day when the old woman discovered she had Stage 4 brain cancer.

She tried asking a relative for help in caring for the young man but was rejected. The only chance she had of finding someone to care for her grandson is by buying porridge from her boss.

Of course, she could not pay for the porridge on a daily basis as she might not be able to stand up and go to the restaurant as the disease progresses. So, she paid for 10,000 bowls – which had to be delivered to her grandson daily.

It was a touching story of a mother’s/grandmother’s unfailing love that even if she would not be on Earth any longer, she still wants to provide for the child she had nurtured. Thankfully, this was just a fictional film but if it is occurring right now in reality, we are hoping someone would find a better way of caring for the mentally challenged man or he would end up dying early, not from hunger but from something else.

Watch the touching video here:


A dish made from some form of grain, such as rice and wheat, porridge can be flavored with sugar, honey, salt, or other spices. The dish can be served plain or with extra stuff like milk, meat, vegetables, eggs, and other food items.

It has a thinner consistency than regular cooked grain but is more viscous compared with gruel.

Porridge is a universal dish served across many, if not all, countries in the world in various forms and flavors. It is considered as a traditional food in Russia and most of Northern Europe.


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