Dogs Patiently Wait for Homeless Man Admitted at Hospital

In this world, it is a sad reality that there are now too many people living in the streets. There are too many people who no longer have families to care for them and forced to sleep anywhere, even if that meant occupying park benches and even sidewalks in busy cities.

Most homeless people have no families but some have found ‘families’ in strangers they meet, people who share the same fate. But others find ‘family’ in dogs and other pets. And many of these homeless people love their pets so much that they sometimes don’t mind not having food for themselves, as long as their pets are well fed.

Photo credit: Cris Mamprim / The Dodo

Workers at Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil bore witness to such unconditional love when a homeless man entered the facility for treatment at around 3AM last Sunday.

While he was alone and didn’t have family, the homeless man named César was accompanied by his canine family who waited patiently at the door of the facility.

Photo credit: Cris Mamprim / The Dodo

Healthcare worker Cris Mamprim shared the story of the homeless man and his canine family, saying the staff were quite surprised when César entered the facility and his dogs stayed by the door. Throughout the treatment,the dogs patiently waited.

Somehow, the dogs knew that they were not supposed to enter the facility but though they were guarding their human, they also knew they limits. Still, they were not willing to leave him there; thus, they stayed guard at the door.

The amused staff took photos of the canine.

Photo credit: Cris Mamprim / The Dodo

Later, the staff offered César some food. They were impressed when he only ate a small portion, choosing to save the rest for his canine family. The staff told him he could let the dogs in – and they gladly entered once he motioned for them to come in. It was a lovely moment.

Thankfully, he was discharged just a few hours later. And just as he was guarded by his dogs while inside the hospital, they gladly escorted him back to their hangout…