Dog’s Heartbreaking Photo at Owner’s Empty Hospital Bed Leads to Adoption

For many dog owners, dogs are not just pets, they are family. However, it is a sad reality that no one lives forever – whether animals or people.

One dog recently went viral as it waited by his owner’s empty hospital bed. This would later lead to his adoption.

Identified as a 3-year-old Labrador mix named Moose, the dog spent a long time at animal shelters after he was found tied to a railroad sign just in front of an animal shelter in rural Georgia sometime in August 2017.

Moose spent many months at the shelter, but no one seemed interested in adopting him.

When Eleventh Hour Rescue in Morris County, New Jersey heard about the dog’s plight through a concerned volunteer at the rescue center in Georgia, they took the dog to their shelter. A lovable, adorable dog, Moose would soon bond with the volunteers and was eventually adopted.

The dog was so happy when he finally got adopted and happily spent the next year with his ‘Dad’. Sadly, the old man was taken to the hospital. Just a year after being adopted, Moose was an orphan again.

Photo credit: Eleventh Hour Rescue / Facebook

His sad photo at the hospital was shared by Eleventh Hour Rescue, with a story of why he was sad. Taking pity on the dog, the post went viral and many netizens expressed their wish to adopt him.

Several applications for adoption were received by the animal shelter and Moose would soon find a forever home! Thankfully, this story had a beautiful ending…

Enjoy your new family, Moose!

What is an Animal Shelter?

An animal shelter is typically a home for unwanted pets that owners had thrown away or simply left in the streets. The volunteers often pay for the care of these pets out of their own pockets or through donations from the public.

The animals are put up for adoption or fostering, with the aim of finding a forever home for them.