Dog Gets Rescued 1 Year after his Owner Died…Watch Heartwarming Video

What happens to dogs after their owners pass away? Most are actually adopted by other family members but Woody had it bad. When his owner died, he was abandoned by the family who then sold the house.

Left alone, the dog took shelter in a shed and foraged outside for food. Thankfully, the neighbors would leave water and food for him outside their homes but no one took him in. For a year he was alone. For a year he was forced to look for food and water but would always go back to the shed he now calls home.

It was quite lucky for him that some realized it was time he got some help. They called Hope for Paws who immediately came to intervene.

They coaxed the dog out of his hiding place. Much to their dismay, he was already blind in one eye. His fur was thick with dirt – and he was merely skin and bones.

They later shaved off the matted hair, gave him a bath, and fed him with nutritious food. Woody now looks like a new dog despite his blind eye.

Watch the awesome rescue here: