Dog Regularly Wins ‘Best Employee’ Awards Since Owner Started Working at Home

There are now so many opportunities for people to work in the comforts of their own homes and many have grabbed this option because they can still earn as much or even more money compared with working in conventional jobs.

But working at home has its downsides. For example, it can get so boring because you have no one to talk to but yourself. Also, if you don’t know how to discipline yourself, you’ll end up not being able to do any work at all!

One guy was able to combat boredom at work because of the other ‘employee’ in his homebased company, a dog named Meeka. And since he started working at home, Meeka has won all the ‘Best Employee’ awards! LOL.

Photo credit: The Dodo

Accuride International Inc.’s southeastern sales center has three employees: Michael Reeg, Meeka, and another dog named Kya. But according to Michael, Meeka stands out in the team and is the perfect ‘employee’ because she knows how to keep him from getting bored.

Meeka also becomes his ‘coach’ when he works on his sales pitch and a ‘sounding board’ on times when he has trouble with customers. She keeps Michael from getting bored at work – and she even goes to the office on time!

Photo credit: The Dodo

Plus, even when Michael is doing field work or is out doing business and other chores, Meeka remains devoted to her job and stays in the office during work hours. If the door is closed, she would lie down outside and wait.

Kya doesn’t share the same devotion to Michael and the job.

She is really my wife’s dog. So she only comes up to the office when my wife is gone. We are her second choice for company!” Michael revealed.

For her devotion, Michael decided to award Meeka as “Best Employee” for the quarter – that was back in Quarter 1 of 2016. Since then, Meeka has received the same accolade.

Photo credit: The Dodo

Michael’s daughter think it was cool and hilarious while his human colleagues at the company’s main office think it was really a good idea.

Photo credit: The Dodo

I haven’t decided yet if the prestige is going to her head, or if Kya feels disgruntled. Maybe a change is needed for one quarter, so that Meeka doesn’t feel entitled. I want her to stay sharp,” Michael said with a laugh.