Dog Plays Dead When Taken from Owner

There is no question that dogs are among the most loyal pets you can ever have – and this loyalty has helped many owners in countless dangerous situations as dogs were willing to risk their lives to save their humans!

But there’s this adorable dog who has a different way of showing loyalty to its human. This dog so loves his human that every single time someone parts him with his owner, he plays dead! LOL.

The dog plays dead and would not move even if the other person tries to tilt him this way and that –what awesome play-acting! Then, when returned to its owner, the clever little dog wiggles happily and tries to snuggle.

When taken by the other guy again, the dog once again plays dead and refused to move no matter what the other guy did. Isn’t this so cute?

Screenshot from video shared by Awesome Animal Rescues / Facebook

Screenshot from video shared by Awesome Animal Rescues / Facebook

It would surely be so lovely to have that dog so loyal that it would only go to you!

There are some people, however, who think that the dog was not just playing dead so he will be returned to his owner but was actually in a completely submissive position out of fear for the other guy.

On Facebook page, Awesome Animal Rescues, many said this was a defense mechanism as the dog was actually very scared of the other guy. Some were even saying that he should be investigated as the dog seems so very scared of him and perhaps he had abused it in the past.

Still, many think that there was nothing wrong with the video and that if the dog was, indeed, playing dead as a defense mechanism, it still was so adorable that he’s doing it. What do you think?


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Posted by Awesome Animal Rescues on Saturday, October 22, 2016

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