Dog Continues to Leave Half of Food for Best Friend Who Already Died

Perhaps it was out habit or because she truly loves her best friend and wishes for her to come back but whatever the reason, one dog continues to leave half the food in the bowl even after the other dog had died.

According to their owner, Easton Dufur, his two Labradors are the best of friends.

Stitch is older than Cookie. When Easton adopted Cookie, he did not have to buy another bowl for the dogs’ food because Stitch always lets Cookie eat first but trained the puppy to leave half the food in the bowl for her to eat.

For over 10 years, this had been the dogs’ arrangement – and it worked perfectly until Stitch died. Knowing that he only had to feed one dog now, Easton only put half the amount of food inside the bowl but Cookie still left half in the bowl for Stitch to eat!

Photo credit: Easton Dufur / Twitter

Perhaps it was out of habit and the dog didn’t realize her best friend is gone forever, but the touching gesture has gone viral as netizens couldn’t help but comment how thoughtful this dog is. Of course, she probably didn’t know her friend died but it was still a beautiful gesture, right?

Photo credit: Easton Dufur / Twitter

According to Easton, he also noticed that Cookie seemed depressed as she probably misses her friend and could not understand why the other dog hasn’t come back yet. He promised to give Cookie more attention now and hopes she gets out of her depression quicker.

Have you also experienced the same thing with your pets? It seems that it was truly hard to break the habit; after all, they did this for over 10 years!

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