Dog Cares for Stray Kittens by the Roadside, Keeps Them Warm Until Help Arrived

A kindhearted dog who cared for stray kittens by the roadside recently went viral as netizens were touched by her heartwarming story.

The Pet and Wildlife Rescue in Chatham-Kent in Ontario, Canada shared the sweet story of the dog they named Serenity who was found by the roadside, keeping a litter of stray kittens warm. The whereabouts of the kittens’ mom are unknown, but the shelter believes she’s gone.

The unlikely story went viral after the shelter shared it on Facebook. According to the post by the shelter, a passing motorist saw the dog taking care of an unlikely group of babies – kittens! Taking pity on the animals but unable to take them with him, the driver called the shelter who immediately acted to save the fur babies and their kind foster mama dog.

Amazingly, even at the shelter the ‘mama dog’ continued to take care of her kitten babies! It is unknown whether the animals came from the same household and were left at the roadside or if they just found themselves there. But what is clear is that Serenity takes her mama duties quite seriously!

Because the kittens are still too small and too young to adopt, the shelter put them in a foster home. They had to be separated from their mama dog because the shelter hopes that Serenity will be adopted by a loving human family soon.

While Serenity will be spayed on December 3 before she will be ready for adoption, the five kittens will take a longer time to get adopted.

Thanks to the story that quickly went viral, a lot of people were quick to apply for Serenity’s adoption. However, the shelter shared that they will have to screen the applicants because as adorable and kind as this mama dog is, she also needs some work on house training, dominance, and her boundless energy.

What is Spaying?

Spaying or neutering is done to make sure that domestic pets will be unable to reproduce. The procedure is often done by animal shelters before the dogs and cats are put up for adoption.

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