Dog ‘Adopts’ Puppies after Friend Dies in C-Section

While we don’t always relate compassion with animals, a lot of them had proven time and again that it is possible to feel some degree of love and compassion that surpass humans’ expectations.

Take for example this pair of friends at an animal shelter in Fulton County Animal Services in Georgia.

A very pregnant Lily Rose was brought to the vet partner in Maryland by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Upon arrival, the dog quickly went into labor and the vets got ready for the delivery but hours of labor showed that there was a problem because none of the babies started coming out.

An x-ray was taken and it showed that the puppies were moving around and ready to come out. After hours of distress, the vets decided to perform a C-section despite knowing the risks this would entail.

As quickly as they could, they performed the C-section and were able to save Lily Rose’s eight puppies! Sadly, the already weak and distressed mom wasn’t able to make it. So, the vets now had another problem in their hands: how they can help her babies survive.

Luckily, Lily Rose had a friend at the vet partner. Pocahontas was rescued from a flooded basement and had also given birth at the animal clinic. Since she had puppies ahead of Lily Rose and these older ones are about ready to be weaned, the vets tried to introduce the newborn puppies to her.

Amazingly, even with the dog’s keen sense of smell and knowing that these aren’t her own babies, she accepted them as her own!

Pocahontas let the babies feed and loved them just like her own. With eight babies of her own, the task of feeding the other eight babies from Lily Rose was twice as difficult for Pocahontas but this wonderful friend was willing to do anything to help out.

Pocahontas and all her now-eighteen babies are in excellent condition!

Is C-section Done in Animals?

Yes! While it might seem a little strange, C-sections are actually also done in animals; though precautions must be done to ensure the safety not just of the animal but of the person/s doing the procedure.