Doctors Say ‘Divine Intervention’ Healed Terminal Baby in the Womb

Every married couple dreams of having a child, and there are no words to describe how much excitement a couple has when they are able to conceive a baby. That is why Jonas and Christy were disheartened when they heard the news about their first unborn child.

At 28 weeks, the couple visited their physician to have David, their unborn baby, checked. They got heartbroken when the ultrasound reported that their son had fetal hydrops. When a baby has fetal hydrops, fluid accumulates around the baby’s body, and 50 percent of babies with this condition do not survive. This was the first heartbreaking news the couple received about their baby.

jonas and christy's baby

Heartbroken: Jonas and Christy were crushed when their baby’s ultrasound revealed that he had a serious medical condition.
Photo Credit: Vimeo / Church Project

They were then referred to a specialist, and it was then discovered that baby David’s heart was also enlarged and weakened. The doctors even said that David would pass away in just a few weeks.

We had to be OK with letting him pass if he did go into cardiac arrest. It was the hardest hour of our lives.

Despite the bad news, the couple did not lose hope, they prayed everyday even if their baby was getting worse. Then, another ultrasound was done to check if baby David still had a heartbeat. When the doctor came back with the result, she kept asking Christy’s name and date of birth. Jonas and Christy found it strange that the doctor kept asking them questions. It turned out that the ultrasound seemed to be showing a totally different baby who was very much healthy.

When the team of doctors walked in, the first couple of words that Christy heard was “divine intervention”. The fluid on David’s organs totally was gone. His heart was fully normal like he was never sick. Until this day, doctors still cannot explain what really happened, and David was born really healthy. He was so healthy, they were even able to go home in less than 24 hours after he was born!

Doctors say it was “divine intervention”. Jonas and Christy say their prayers were just answered!

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What is fetal hydrops?

Fetal hydrops, also known as pediatric hydrops fetalis, is a serious medical condition when abnormal amounts of fluid build up in two or more body areas of a fetus or newborn. There are two types of this condition: immune and nonimmune depending on the cause of the abnormal fluid. This condition is usually first recognized by ultrasound examination during the first or second trimester of gestation. Fetal hydrops caused by Rh incompatibility can be prevented if the mother is given RhoGAM (drug given as an injection to pregnant mothers who are at risk for Rh incompatibility) during and after pregnancy.