Disabled Young Woman Lands the “Best Job in Thailand” That Pays $29,400 a Month

A 21-year-old young woman has landed what netizens dub as the “best job in Thailand” but her victory was made all the sweeter by the fact that she is disabled, something that often hinders people from getting picked over other people.

Nitcharee Peneakchanasak is under contract to receive 1 million Baht ($29,400) per month in her job as patient-happiness surveyor at the World Medical Hospital. That’s certainly a huge amount of money for such an ‘easy’ job.

To those curious as to what Peneakchanasak is supposed to do, the job description states that she has to talk to patients and survey what makes them happy. She is supposed to post her findings on the hospital’s social media account.

Photo credit: Asia One

Considering that many people actually do that on their own, it’s exciting to hear that she gets to be paid a huge amount for the job. She is also allowed to pick the patients she wants to talk to, and the hospital will not dictate what she should do and with whom she wants to talk to.

Just imagine getting to pick your own clients, talking with them for a few minutes or several hours if you want to, and posting about your experience on social media – and be paid for it. Sounds like a dream job, eh?

Perhaps the only catch here is that she must also help boost the patients’ morale and really find what makes patients feel happy so the hospital can find ways to cater to patients emotional needs. Still, her job is something that many netizens wish they could apply for.

Since Peneakchanasak is disabled after losing both her legs to an accident in 2011, she plans on focusing her attention more on the physically challenged patients. She also plans on using her earnings to buy prosthetic legs; although not having legs at all has not prevented her from having fun in activities like swimming, diving, and even playing badminton!

What an admirable young lady! And we envy her job…