Disabled Dad Takes Son to School in His Wheelchair

It’s not easy being a dad, especially if you have a disability but for one disabled dad, there are ways you can still provide for your kids if you just know what to do.

A dad known only as Alejandro does not have legs. But the wheelchair-bound dad knew that he had the obligation to ensure that his children go to school and get there on time. He can’t walk to school but he has a wheelchair – and he uses this not just to wheel himself to his son’s school but to also let the kid ride!

He uses his hands to roll the wheels so the wheelchair will move and this does look like a difficult task with his son riding in front, especially because the boy is rather big already, but for this dad, there was nothing nobler than bringing his kid to school in whatever manner he could do best.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

His honorable act has gained him much attention on social media after photos of him and his son were posted by Front Row.

It is amazing how this dad takes his kid to school, whether it is raining or the sun is hot. This is clearly the best example of love and devotion! What a noble father.

The photos had gotten viral, with people praising this wonderful dad for what he does for his son, with many saying that he’s the best example of what a father is willing to do for his children even if it means physical sacrifice in his part.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

Of course, there were also many who slammed this dad for endangering his son’s life as the boy could fall off the wheelchair or they might get hit by a speeding vehicle as they traverse the road to and from school!

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