Dirty Creek in Iligan City Transformed into a Koi Pond

There are many streets and water bodies in the Philippines that are, sadly, so littered that it would probably take years to transform the place into a decent neighborhood again. A lot of Filipinos are simply so undisciplined that they throw their trash everywhere and anywhere they could; but then complain about how messy the country is and how easy it is for many areas to get flooded when the rains come!

Is there still hope for the country? Well, a creek in Iligan City in southern Philippines is proving that things aren’t as difficult as it seems…

The “Clean and Green Baslayan” project in Purok de Oro, Zone 3 in Poblacion, Iligan City has taken the internet by storm after photos of the clean, lovely creek were posted on social media by Facebook page, Rodrigo Duterte Supporters.

In the post, the creek was revealed to have been a dirty, polluted one in the past but with the combined efforts of the locals, the water body has transformed into a beautiful koi pond!

Can you imagine a creek filled with koi? Sounds like this was a place in Japan, right? But it really is a creek in the Philippines!

The locals did not just clean the creek, they also landscaped the creek bed as well as its banks, creating a truly beautiful public garden that everyone could now enjoy. Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s just hope that the locals will continue protecting this beautiful creek and that, as some netizens pointed out, no one would steal the koi fish!

What do you think of this dirty creek turned koi pond? Beautiful, isn’t it?

What is a Koi?

A koi is a fish species of the ornamental variety. It is actually a close relative of the common carp! It is more distinguished due to its distinct coloration and beautiful patterns.

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