Devotees Leave Lots of Trash at Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

It’s Lenten Season and people are flocking to places of worship and to other religious destinations to pray, meditate, and celebrate the season.

But a photo taken by one heartbroken netizen showed that people might have been too focused on praying and doing things related to the season but have forgotten their responsibilities as citizens, perhaps? Or are Filipinos really lacking in discipline, especially when it comes to throwing our trash properly?

Isaiah Christian Reyes was disheartened to see the dirty grounds outside the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Lots of plastic and paper trash could be seen strewn carelessly around the lawn, with plenty of leftover food also on the ground.

According to Reyes in the GMA News report, there really was trash everywhere. It was easy to see that the grounds were filled with trash. Even if there were trash bins all around the area, people just chose to throw their garbage on the ground, without thought of how this would make the area look so dirty!

Reyes added that in the comments section, there were people who commented that even right in front and inside the church, there was trash everywhere! It was difficult for him to comprehend why people just couldn’t be bothered with throwing their garbage at the proper receptacles.

While there were cleaning aides around the grotto, they were too few and understaffed to clean up after the thousands of devotees visiting the church. Sad.

Reyes said he shared the post to raise awareness, saying he hopes he can motivate people to do better than this.

Sana maging way yung photos para magising sila na sana pagsabayin nila yung pagiging banal nila sa pagiging sibilisado nila,” he concluded.