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Delivery Man Climbs Gate After Getting Chased by Dog

A delivery man was filmed as he climbs a gate after getting chased by a dog. His scary yet hilarious situation is just an example of the many risks that delivery riders had to face while delivering the goods that their customers ordered.

Dog Chases Delivery Man

Despite the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Malaysia and even in other parts of the world for that matter, delivery riders are working hard to ensure that they serve their customers. For that, delivery riders are considered as frontliners, especially because they risk their lives to serve the people.

delivery man climbs gate
Photo credit: Kini.Viral / Facebook

But one J&T delivery man shared a whole new meaning to ‘risking their lives’ for service after getting chased by a dog! Uh-oh.

On Facebook page kini.viral, the video was shared by the delivery man’s friend. According to the other guy, his friend was just trying to deliver a package to a house in Abang, a village in Terengganu, Malaysia.

delivery man climbs gate
Photo credit: Kini.Viral / Facebook

While doing the delivery, however, a dog began to chase the delivery man. From inside the gate, the customer’s dog also began barking!

Fearing for his life, the delivery man quickly climbed up the gate! Whew. It was a good thing he was able to hear the dog barking and running towards him or the canine could have easily bitten him on the leg.

delivery man climbs gate
Photo credit: Kini.Viral / Facebook

Thanks to his quick actions, the delivery man was safe. It was also a good thing that the customer was already heading out. The customer was able chase the dog away with a stick.

It turned out that this was just a stray dog but it is quite territorial — and the customer’s dog was also quite territorial. Double whammy.

Photo credit: Kini.Viral / Facebook
Photo credit: Kini.Viral / Facebook

While the delivery man had a big fright, his colleague also had a good laugh at his expense. LOL. It is safe to say that everything ended well and he didn’t get mad at his friend for laughing. But it was really a good thing that he wasn’t bitten by that stray dog. Whew!

Check out this video:

Lucu la abang j&t ni hahah

Posted by kini.viral on Friday, June 5, 2020

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