Dead Goats Found with Mysterious Wounds Spark Talks of “Aswang” in Batangas

Six goats were found dead in a field at Niogan in Lemery, Batangas in the Philippines. But the locals discovered that the deaths were hounded with mystery because all six goats had wounds on their necks!

This tidbit of information sparked talks that “aswang” (shape-shifting monster) was responsible for the killings. Similar bizarre killings have occurred in many areas across the country and were attributed to aswangs; with the aswangs believed to prey on smaller livestock like goats and pigs but rarely on cattle and similar large beasts.

It is unknown if the goats were drained of blood like the animals in other “aswang attacks” but their neck wounds were believed to have been bite marks by the mysterious creatures.

Of course, there could be other plausible explanations to the mystery; such as a drug addict or someone who had a grudge on the farmer taking an icepick or something sharp to make the twin puncture wounds on the goats’ necks.

Still, many of the locals are not taking their chances just in case that the killings were indeed the handiwork of aswangs. Many have indicated that they will go home early and keep their dwellings locked to keep the aswangs out.

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isa pong npakalaking palaisipan ang pangyayari pong naganap kagabi lamang…anim (6) na kambing po natagpuang patay at lahat po sa leeg may kagat…##kakatindig balahibo…

Posted by Mateth Atienza Rayon on Tuesday, February 16, 2016


In the Philippines, there are a lot of mystical creatures but the aswangs are among the most common in different regions of the country. It is believed that the aswangs are shape-shifters who often take the form of a fanged animal like an abnormally large dog or cat.

The aswang is the most feared monster in the country but is more popular in the Visayan region where it is given different names like “wak-wak” or “tik-tik”.

While aswangs are believed to favor pregnant women for their ‘delicious’ fetuses, many aswang stories also indicate the monster’s propensity for livestock.