Dead for 45 Minutes, Teenager Comes Alive After Mother Arrives in Hospital

The doctors had given up hope that 14-year-old John Smith would be revived. The boy was with two other friends, posing for a photo on Lake Saint Louise when the ice cracked under their feet.

John was submerged in the water for 15 minutes before the rescue team was able to pull him out. Medics tried to revive him on the way to the hospital yet the teen was unresponsive.

Even at the hospital, the staff tried their best to revive him yet nothing happened. He had no pulse and the monitor displayed a flat line. After 30 minutes of trying to resuscitate the teenager, they knew the boy was already dead. It would only take a miracle for him to live again.

It was at that point that they called his mother, Joyce Smith. Not wanting to give up on her son, Joyce prayed hard to God, calling his name, and begging for him to give John another chance to live.

As the impassioned prayer filled the room, the people around John got the surprise of their lives. The teenager slowly came back to life. The beeping monitor changed. Everyone had tears in their eyes as they saw they witnessed the power of prayer.

Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience (NDE) is an experience of “dying” and “living again”. This is often associated with people who suffered a very traumatic accident; though such was also documented in people who were just ill.

Clinical reports of NDE include shock after massive blood loss, coma from brain damage, attempted suicide, heart attack, and asphyxia cases such as drowning just like in the case of John.

Most of those who experienced NDE tell a tale of how they could see their bodies being revived in the hospital, floating in a dark tunnel, and seeking the light at the end of this dark passage. Many feel at peace in the tunnel but would suddenly find themselves back in their bodies, sometimes after begging to be given a second chance.

Around 10% of those who experienced NDE actually enter the light at the end of the tunnel but most only reach the end before they feel themselves back in their own bodies but filled with memories of their experience.