During His Days Off, This Barber Gives Free Haircuts For The Homeless

For many of us, spending a day off means going shopping, visiting the beach, watching movies, or maybe plainly relaxing and resting. It is, however, an entirely different story for Nasir Sobhani – he spends his time with the homeless.

A barber by profession, Nasir felt inspired by the mantra “A haircut can do so much for someone” and so he started an initiative he calls “Clean Cut, Clean Start.” He dedicates his free time to giving free haircut to homeless individuals. This has helped him gain the nickname “The Streets Barber.”

About two years ago, Nasir found himself having a conversation with a former heroin addict who washed the windows of their salon. The man has been completely drug-free for a month and so he wanted to celebrate it by getting a new haircut. Nasir gave him one and “when the man’s mother took a photograph of her son’s transformation, she smiled through tears,” wrote Shareably in a blog.


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This simple experience made Nasir realize how a haircut can make a big difference in people’s lives and eventually, he decided to start giving haircuts for those who most need it. With the free haircuts, he hope these homeless individuals feel more confident about themselves.


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A former cocaine addict himself, Nasir knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom. He said:

“I remember the days of when I used to just hate myself, and not even look in the mirror without crying because I would just be so disgusted at who I was. And I find that, like, embedded within a lot of my street clients. They feel so ashamed of who they are.”


Photo credit: YouTube

In a PLGRM documentary, he pointed out:

“They need actual human contact. They need some stimulus to help engage them in some intimacy with human beings who actually care for them.”

You can watch the video here:

Why Is It Important To Have A Nice Haircut?

In a BYU article entitled “The Importance of A Decent Haircut and Hairstyle,”

Studio 1030 hairstylist Sarah Weirich said hair is essential to making a good first impression on people.

“Hair shows your personality. That is the first thing people see. It is kind of what people think about you,” said Weirich.

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