Daughter of Food Vendor Graduates Magna Cum Laude in Education Course

Poverty is not a hindrance to success. This is something that a new graduate in Bacolod City, central Philippines, was able to prove as she graduated magna cum laude from an education course.

Chrisma Jane Manalo, 20, recently graduated from the course of Bachelor of Secondary Education in Mathematics from Bacolod City College (BCC). Her success was highlighted by the fact that her widowed mom sells native food outside the school.

Despite being poor, Manalo was able to study, thanks to her mother’s efforts as well as a scholarship from the Commission of Higher Education (Ched). According to Sun Star Bacolod, Manalo’s father died when she was still in elementary.

Her mother supported her and her two siblings by selling native food. Knowing all too well that she owes her success to her mother, Manalo did not forget to honor her mother with this achievement in her life.

Photo credit: Sun Star Bacolod

I’m very blessed that I achieved this award and I’m very thankful to God and to my parents. It is for them. I achieved this through my hard work. Before looking at the bigger picture, you must look first at the small things to achieve your dream,” the new graduate said.

She also expressed gratitude to her alma mater, saying college education was possible for her, thanks to BCC.

She added, “I’m thankful to my parents and family for helping me achieve this award and I am thankful to BCC because they molded me into what I become.

Manalo and the other honor graduates also received the “Kampeon sa Edukasyon Academic Excellence Award”.

Asked what her motto in life is, Manalo replied, “HARD work is the key to success.” Indeed, with hard work, anyone could succeed even if he/she does not have much to start with.

But graduation is only the first step to real success. Manalo plans to focus on reviewing for the board examinations now that she has completed her college education.

Good luck, Chrisma Jane Manalo!