Darren Criss Celebrates ‘Golden Globes’ Win by Eating Filipino Treats with Pinay Mom

A young Filipino-American who is proud of his roots in the Philippines, Darren Criss dedicated his win on the Golden Globes to his mother, a woman he described as a ‘firecracker’ from Cebu. And proving even more that he is proud of being Filipino, he celebrated the win by eating Filipino treats with his Pinay mother.

During the 76th Golden Globe Awards held last January 7, the young man won the Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for his role in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”.

While Darren was praised for his award-winning role in the series, the Filipino community was especially ecstatic after he proudly mentioned his Pinoy heritage in his acceptance speech.

This has been a marvelous year for representation in Hollywood, and I am so enormously proud to be a teeny tiny part of that as the son of a firecracker Filipino woman from Cebu that dreamed of coming into this country and getting to be invited to cool parties like this. Mom, I know you’re watching this. I love you dearly. I dedicate this to you. This is totally awesome!” Darren happily announced as he accepted the award.

As the first Filipino to win in the Golden Globes, the community was thankful that this young man made mention of his roots in the acceptance speech. After all, he could have thanked a lot of people in the short speech and talked about many other things, yet he chose to announce his heritage while thanking his mother.

Days after winning the award, the 31-year-old actor shared a photo taken with his mother as they celebrated his victory.

Photo credit: Darren Criss / Instagram

Morning after Golden Globes celebration was full of Filipino treats including this fun spritely lady with me … “who dreamed of coming to this country and getting invited to glamorous parties like this…” Well Mom, I’m glad you made it,” he wrote.

Congratulations, Darren!