Dairy Worker Bathes in Vat of Milk, Gets Caught after Video Went Viral

A dairy worker bathes in a vat of milk in what could have been an elaborate prank or just to get his 15 minutes of fame. But when the company learned of his misdeeds from the video that went viral, he was not only sacked from his job but was also sent to jail for his actions! Ouch.

Worker Bathes in Vat of Milk

There are many of us who wish to have fun at work and prank our bosses or coworkers from time to time. But two guys recently went viral, then later lost their jobs, for the video they made inside the dairy factory.

Photo credit: @nedenttoldu / Twitter

One guy could be seen bathing in a huge vat of milk, using a jug to pour more milk over his head. Another guy, his coworker, took the video and uploaded it on TikTok where it went viral.

The incident happened at a dairy plant in the Central Anatolian province of Konya in Turkey. The guy bathing in the vat of milk was later identified as Emre Sayar while the TikTok uploader was clearly shown as a certain ‘Ugur Turgut’.

After the post went viral, it was so easy for the company to track down the two.

While they had fun filming the clip and enjoying their short-lived fame, the two did not think that bathing in the vat of milk is not a good thing! They probably thought that it was amazing to bathe in milk just like what rich people might have done in the past, this is certainly not a good thing to do with milk being a precious commodity that people drink, not bathe into!

Although the two lost their jobs and are now spending time in jail, the dairy plant claimed that Sayar did not actually bathe in milk but a mixture of water and cleaning fluid made to look like milk. The company further claimed that the workers were trying to defame the company but the mixture is actually something they regularly use to wash the boilers.

What are Boilers?

Boilers are closed vessels that are used to heat fluid, generally water but can also be other liquid substances and mixtures.

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