Dad Writes Brilliant Response to 6-Year-Old Son’s Request for Advance in Allowance

A 6-year-old boy asked his dad for an advance of $20 from his allowance so he could buy a new toy; however, dad was not willing to grant him the said amount because he had not been doing his chores at home and he had spent over $80 on “discretionary entertainment expenses” since Christmas.

Instead of flat out refusing the boy, however, dad decided to write him a formal letter, complete with a letterhead from Dad Savings and Loan (it came with a tagline, “Because apparently I look like I’m made of money”).

But the child had another shot at convincing dad to grant him the loan, provided that he contact the complaint department as the dispute manager (his mom, actually) just might convince the CEO (dad) to reverse the decision.

Although the letter was too formal for a 6-year-old to even comprehend, it went viral on imgur, anyway, with plenty of people praising this cool dad for the way he handled the situation. Some said the 6-year-old child might never get the joke, really, as it would best fit a teenager but was fun to read this letter, anyway, and perhaps do it on our own kids? What do you think?

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Teaching Kids to Earn and Save Money

It is important to teach kids the value of money even at a young age so they could develop the habit that they would surely find useful as they age. There are many ways to teach kids how to earn and save money. For example, many parents “pay” their kids to do chores around the home while others help their kids open and operate simple businesses such as a lemonade stand or candy store.

Just as the dad above is trying to teach his kids to earn and save money, it is a nice idea to not always give in to your children’s wishes, especially if it involves spending money in a toy.