Dad Expresses Support for 7-Year-Old Kid Called a “Sissy” Because He Likes Pink

A 7-year-old boy is being called a “sissy” by his playmates and even some of his teachers because he likes pink, but he found an ally in his dad who expressed full support for his son.

Rangsee Saransiriborriruk from Bangkok, Thailand recently shared photos of his son, sharing that the kid has been mocked for being a “sissy”. The boy likes pink and shows feminine preferences, but for Rangsee, it does not matter if his son is gay as long as he remains the kind, smart person that he is now.

Photo credit: Rangsee Saransiriborriruk / Facebook

Yes, my son might be a ‘sissy’ but I feel proud of him because only someone blessed can have a son as good as he is. Even if they’re a ‘sissy’ or homosexual, it is still a gender preference and the most special kind,” the proud dad wrote.

While many dads would certainly feel angry after discovering that their sons are gay, this dad knew that his son won’t be less of a person because of being feminine.

To show that he supports his son all the way, Rangsee even got the boy some of the pink stuff he loved. Rangsee bought him a pink bag, a sling bag that a lot of girls would truly love to have.

Photo credit: Rangsee Saransiriborriruk / Facebook

And if in the future the kid would join pageants and other stuff that gays love to do, we are pretty sure that Rangsee would be there to buy him what he need – and would probably be the proudest dad to watch and cheer his son!

He is a good boy, and he likes to learn Chinese very much,” Rangsee added, saying that he is truly proud of the kid.

But while he posted that many people, including the boy’s teachers and classmates, called him a sissy, Rangsee said that he does not feel angry towards them. He simply wants to show that he was proud of his son and accepts him, no matter what he wants to be in the future.

Photo credit: Rangsee Saransiriborriruk / Facebook

What is a Sissy?

“Sissy” is the term used to mean a cowardly or effeminate person. It is a negative term for a womanish male person who is weak and feeble.