Dad Creates Beautiful Platform Bed Using Standard Kitchen Cabinets

You can find a number of prefabricated furniture in IKEA and other home improvement stores. You can use these items as they were designed or just like this creative dad named Chris Heider, you can transform them into something they might not be designed for but would surely make an incredible addition to your home.

Heider bought seven standard IKEA kitchen cabinets to create an awesome platform bed for his daughter. In his detailed account in the video he shares on YouTube, Heider teaches us how to easily build such a bed – something he was able to achieve within just 6 hours.

Although this might not be the usual way of building a bed, you can’t fault Heider for trying this option instead because it is actually quite convenient.

After he made the necessary measurements for the actual bed/foam, he lined up the cabinets and placed screws to hold them together. Using the cabinets as building blocks for the platform bed was quite a genius idea because this meant that 1) he didn’t have to spend a lot of time creating cabinets for the bed because the pre-fabricated cabinets were already part of the bed and 2) this actually made the overall job faster and easier to do.

To secure the bed, he had to make a sturdy bed frame which was directly attached to the wall – something that is very important to do or the bed will collapse because of the weight. After adding the slats that would support the bed itself, he also included some finishing touches like carpets on the steps as the cabinets’ original finish is slippery.

The knobs were added and some more finishing touches; the end result is incredible. Check it out in this video:

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