Cute Video: Lions with Baby Animals as Pets

Lions may be apex predators that could kill animals (such as buffalos) much larger than themselves yet they could also exhibit a softer side to their fierce nature not just in dealing with their families but also in their pets. Yes, lions can have pets, too!

There have been a number of reports of lions striking unusual friendships with “prey-material” animals placed inside their pens as food yet documented cases in the wild are not as many.

But thanks to this viral video shared by the Lion Chanel TV, we learn that there are actually several lions that behave in this way. They take baby animals as pets and care for them – with one lion even caught on video protecting its pet baby from another lion who was trying to steal it for food!

Aside from this lion, there are other lions who took various pets. The choice of pets looks like it depended on what was available at the time the lion thought of taking a pet but it is nice to see that the lion we have always feared as a stalking, fierce creature could actually be such a softie. Isn’t this video adorable?

Lions as apex predators

Apex predators are those predators that are on the top tier of the food chain. Though they might prey on other predators, they can live without fear because there is no one on top of the food chain for them – this means that there is no one who will eat them!

Lions, like many of the large cats, are among the apex predators on land. Of course, lions could fear other lions, especially the males fighting for alpha status in the pride but since their enemies are also lions, then there is no question that the apex predator status still applies even in these situations.

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