Couple’s Striking 73-Year Love Story Goes Viral

Angela and John Molella of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, had been married for over 73 years. They shared most of their lives together – and, in the end, they also shared a hospital room together!

Such is their great love for each other that one could not bear to be without the other for a long time. So, when Angela was admitted to the Royal Alex hospital on April 11, 2015 at age 91, her 92-year-old husband was there at her side.

John was listening when doctors informed the family that Angela only has one or two days to live. Perhaps heartbroken at the thought of losing his beloved wife, John felt ill the following day and was rushed to the same hospital.

The staff recognized him and immediately assigned him to the room his wife was occupying. Strengthened by John’s presence, Angela became healthier. It was even quite surprising that after sharing 10 days in the same hospital room, it would be John who would go first!

Angela awakened after he was gone and was informed the devastating news. Even though she was too weak to really attend the funeral, the family arranged for an ambulance to bring her so she could bid him farewell.

Just a little over a month after John died, Angela passed away. The family grieved for the passing of the couple yet also felt relieved that they were finally reunited.

Inspired by this touching love story, the hospital created a video dedicated to the couple, with actors representing them (though their real names were not used).

Check it out in this video:


Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on the health and medical concerns of elderly people as opposed to pediatrics which focuses on children. This field of medicine aims to promote good health and prevent or treat diseases and disabilities in older adults.

Still, there is no set minimum age for patients to be considered as part of geriatrics since people age differently. It is a physician who will decide whether the patient has needs that would be best catered in the geriatrics section.

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