Couple’s Apartment Almost Got Consumed By Fire So They Did The Most Millennial Thing You Can Think Of

The times today have changed. Some people notice that the younger generation or what they call “millennials” have a different way of coping with their lives than that of the previous Gen X.

Young people are known to rely solely on social media and their smartphones. Some are so addicted to their social media that instead of eating their food, they spend a lot of time taking a photo of it before finally eating it, just so they can show their friends what they are eating.

Same can be said in other situations, where photos are more important than actually enjoying what is happening.

Or should I say mourning? A couple from China did the most millennial thing when their house was almost consumed by fire.

Instead of sulking, they decided to take photos and just embrace the positive side, at least they are both safe, right?

Recently, this couple from China found fire breaking out inside their apartment. According to World of Buzz, the fire started in their living room, where the heater that they were using to dry their clothes short-circuited.

They immediately got the fire extinguisher and were able to put out the fire with the help of their neighbors. The couple then took a couple of photos and decided to stay upbeat, their living room took a pitiful damage, but hey, they are both safe and nobody got hurt.

Fire 1


They took turns holding the fire extinguisher and posing in front of the damaged living room. +1 for their matching fuzzy but soot-covered Totoro onesie!

Fire 2


They also took a couple selfie still covered with soot but staying admirably positive and happy.

Fire 3


They even took a video of the man reminding the people how important winter prevention is.

“This incident has taught us that winter fire prevention is very important… and to face everything with a smile!”

Hats off to this couple who managed to find the good in a bad situation! Stay safe.