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Couple Married for 82 Years Reveal Their Secret to a Lasting Marriage

Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz, a Californian couple that has been married for 82 years, reveal their secret to their lasting marriage. Apparently, “not sweating on the small stuff” is the secret to their happy marriage.

Leticia Ordaz, one of the couple’s grandchildren, also said that long marriages run in their family. Nicolas and Rafaela’s parents lived to be 112 and 108, and were also happily married.

Divorce isn’t really something our family has experienced. Nurturing those relationships is a huge part of our culture.

Nicholas Ordaz recently celebrated his 102nd birthday last January 2016, and Rafaela turned 100 last October 2015. Five generations of the Ordaz family travelled to Tracy, California to celebrate their grandfather’s birthday. Despite all the chaos, the couple only had eyes for each other.

Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz
Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz have been married for 82 years.
Photo Credit: Today

They’re still so in love. It’s quite remarkable.

Aside from the passion they have for each other, and “not sweating on the small stuff”, the couple also credits their long marriage to mutual respect. They also love taking care of each other and experiencing the same things together.

They take care of each other. At the party, he kept looking around to see if she had gotten any cake yet. She has diabetes — she can’t really have cake! But he wanted them to experience it together.

The couple also celebrated their 75th anniversary with a big wedding party to renew their vows. Their family then started doing research if they would be able to break any records and found out that the couple still needs five more years to break that record. Although they aren’t the longest married couple yet, they still are an emblematic couple for lifelong happiness and partnership.

Now that they’re getting older, their memories aren’t as sharp. They forget everyone else’s names, but always remember each other.

The longest marriage according to the Guinness Book of World Records

Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the longest marriage. The couple married on May 13, 1924, and were together until Herbert passed away in 2013 at the age of 105. They were married for 87 years.

Sources: Today, Epic News


Woman Who Stole A Family Parking Space Bragged That She Has 3 Cars And “Money To Burn”




We have seen a lot of people argue about parking spaces but none like this! In Singapore, a woman who was clearly alone stole a parking space form a family who was supposed to park in a family lot.

Family lots are for drivers who carry families with them. If you have an elderly or a kid in the car, then the space is reserved for you and you have all the right to park there.

Unfortunately for this family of 3 kids (1 baby) who wanted to go to the mall to enjoy a nice movie, the parking space that was meant for them was stolen by this Singaporean woman.


The woman was caught on video. When the man confronted him, she became very arrogant and boasted of her 3 cars and even told him that she has “money to burn” and that is known for being rich. In the video, she doesn’t seem very well.


Such attitude infuriated the male driver not just because of the parking space, but because privileges like this can be easily taken advantage by people who are not deserving– and she is not even apologetic.

The Facebook post garnered 2,700 likes, 8,500 shares, and 169 comments as of writing and the netizens have a lot to say!

Many criticized the woman for having “money to burn” but no money to have her teeth fixed! It is a hilarious comment but it makes sense.


While others, pointed out her being a lonely individual. Stang Cheng, a netizen, commented that she knows the woman because she is her neighbor. She did confirm that the woman has 3 cars but parks in the loading/unloading area. The woman has given her the same attitude as well but, she feels pity for her because she has no family she can take with her in her cars.


What the woman did was really rude that she even made it to their local newspaper’s headline! However, the third comment above makes sense as to why she only has her money and cars as her refuge.


Lucky for the man because he has a family to take to the movies to.

Watch the video below:

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Driver and Honest Passenger Praised for Returning Php400k Cash to OFW Owner




Everyone knows how stressful it can be to lose money, especially if the amount is big; thus, those who return valuables or money they find often earn praise from others. After all, these people might have chosen to keep the items for themselves but still do the right thing by returning what isn’t theirs.

That’s what happened to an honest passenger and driver who returned a bundle of money in US dollars, worth Php400k, to the rightful owner who turned out to be an overseas Filipino worker.

Photo credit: Tublay PNP / Wow Cordillera

Erwil Payangdo Agyapas, the honest passenger, spotted the bundle of cash inside the jeepney driven by Jimmer Antos Denson in Tublay, Benguet. Instead of pocketing the cash for his own use, something he could have easily done because jeeps have no CCTV and there were no other witnesses to say he stolen the money, Agyapas told Denson about the bundle of money.

The two decided to take the cash to Tublay Municipal Police Station. The policemen were able to trace the rightful owner, an overseas Filipino worker from Kapangan, also in Benguet.

For their honest actions, Tublay Mayor Armand Lauro commended Agyapas and Denson, especially after learning that this was not the first time Agyapas returned money he found. Agyapas said he knows the pain of losing money and valuables; thus, he always returns anything he finds, knowing the owner will be hurt if the item is not returned.

Photo credit: Tublay PNP / Wow Cordillera

The mayor told the two, “With what you did, it made me believe that there are indeed people like you who return money without second thoughts. This is a good reflection for our constituents this Lenten season that there are still good and honest people in this world, worthy to be emulated.

Mayor Lauro rewarded the two with some money and had them included in the list of people who will receive special commendations in November, in time for the town’s annual foundation day celebration.

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Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia Escapes From Her Abusive and Manipulative Employer




Being an OFW means enduring the feeling of loneliness and homesickness as you are away from your family. However, there are a lot of Filipino workers who are determined to endure the hardship of their professions just to earn money. A lot of them are willing to sacrifice their happiness and comfort if it means giving their families back in the Philippines a better life.

Overseas Filipino Workers are having a difficult and tough life while working abroad just to give their families a bigger and brighter future. They are forced to seek opportunities abroad to sustain the growing needs of their loved ones.

There are many OFWs who are lucky to find their fortune abroad. But there are still some who are struggling with their cruel and abusive employers, especially in the Middle East.

According to her, her employer was always jealous. [Image Credit: bOjOy sa Macau / Youtube]
According to her, her employer was always jealous. [Image Credit: bOjOy sa Macau / Youtube]

Domestic Helper Escapes Employer

A video is now catching the attention of many netizens who instantly felt pity for the Filipino domestic helper. The domestic helper were intreviewed by other Filipinos who rescued her after she escaped from her male employer’s house in the video uploaded by a certain bOjOy sa Macau on Youtube.

According to the Overseas Filipino Worker, whose name was not revealed, she choose to escape from her employer’s house because she cannot withstand the bad character of her male employer. She revealed that the said employer questioned her several times after seeing photos of men on her smartphone.

The domestic helper kept wondering why the male employer was strangely reacting to things she’s doing since as per her, she is only a maid and they are not in a romantic relationship. Eventually, her employer confiscated her phone and later on destroyed it for reasons she does not know. So when she finally had a chance to escape, she immediately took the opportunity.

The OFW was rescued by other Filipinos in Saudi. [Image Credit: bOjOy sa Macau / Youtube]
The OFW was rescued by other Filipinos in Saudi. [Image Credit: bOjOy sa Macau / Youtube]

Threatened to Kill Her

The unnamed OFW also added that he even threatened to kill her. She eventually learned that her employer is still single after his wife left him and she thought that the reason why he cannot find a partner and start a family is because of his rude and manipulative attitude.

The Filipino worker had been working in Saudi Arabia for a year and 5 months before she escaped. However, before she served her current employer, she was with his mother. This is not surprising as there are a lot of employers in Saudi Arabia who are selling or passing their domestic helpers to another family if they are no longer happy with their services.

Watch the video here:

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