Couple Grants Terminally Ill Son’s Dying Wish by Getting Married in His Hospital Room

Five-year-old Corey Edwards lies dying on a hospital bed because of a congenital heart defect – and he wants his parents, Craig and Jemma Edwards, to get married.

The two had been together for years yet had no plans to tie the knot for some personal reasons yet when their son wished they were married, the two hastened to do so when it was clear that Corey might not last long.

Tying the knot in church was out of the question because transporting Corey there would be quite impossible and they could definitely not do it without him by their side. It was his dying wish to see them get married, after all. So, they did so at his hospital room in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children in the United Kingdom.

The hospital’s staff pitched in: a nurse baked a cake for the couple, another helped with her hair and makeup, and others set up the room. As ring bearer, Corey wore a suit and held the rings.

The couple’s marriage was bittersweet but they knew the event made Corey happy – he was even watching his mother for the entire ceremony. Sadly, the boy passed away 5 days after the wedding but the couple was, at least, glad that he was at peace and they had granted him his last wish.

Here’s the heartbreaking video:

Getting Married in a Hospital

The hospital is not the best place to get married but for many couples, this might be the only way to tie the knot. This situation is often seen on couples wherein one or both were terminally ill; thus, special arrangements are done to help the two get married.

Because of the unique situation in Corey’s family, the wedding was performed inside the children’s hospital – their first ever. It was the hospital’s chaplain who performed the rites.